Chris White phoned me up many years ago and said, “You know, Odessey is becoming a very cool album with young people. A lot of people are talking about it.” I thought, “No, they’re not” (laughs). And I hadn’t listened to it for years and years, but eventually it filtered through to me that some of that was going on. When Paul Weller was number one in the punk explosion with The Jam, I couldn’t put the two together (laughs). And he said that was his favorite album, and I was like, “What?!?” He still says that now! On Radio 4 in England he said that a week ago. And then a lot of contemporary musicians started to say similar things. And then it did grow. It does sell more now than it did when it first came out, which is mad. It’s never going to be Dark Side of the Moon on an industry scale, but it does grow! It means we usually get a young component to the audience.
Rod Argent’s reaction on Odessey and Oracle having an impact on younger musicians ( x )


wanted to post something french in honor of our performance of ‘the scarlet pimpernel' this weekend. i decided on this one b/c it represents a huge hole in my music knowledge where international music history should be. i'll be honest: before i dj'ed my little brother's wedding, i had never heard of claude françois. but my brother’s wife (who is french) requested it, and as soon as i put it on, the place went nuts. and not just the french people. apparently i’m the only person in the world who didn’t know this song. typical.